The Purple People Bridge

June 23, 2003
Cincinnati OH, Newport KY


This is starting off at Newport on the Levee, the multiplex entertainment center.


This is about halfway to Cincinnati looking east at the Big Mac Bridge.


This is all the way over in Cincinnati looking back toward Newport.


This is heading back to Newport. I really like this bridge ! It's so purply and spunky !!


UGH. I could not look down. I had to look away and hold my camera over the rail.


About halfway back. You can see the Newport sign on the right.


Back on the Newport side. It's a cool bridge. It used to be a railroad bridge. It's very creative for this conservative neck of the woods. I like it !!!


Name(s): L&N Bridge (the old official name),
Newport Southbank Bridge (the new official name),
Purple People Bridge (what folks are calling it).

Length: 2,670 feet, the longest pedestrian bridge in the country that links two states.

Opened: April 1, 1872.

Closed to cars, pedestrians: 2001.

Reopened: April 25, 2003

Restoration cost: $4 million.

Why they chose purple: A dozen focus groups were shown computer-generated images of the bridge in a variety of colors. In every group, purple was a top choice.

Midi by Harry L, Oh Look at Me